quarta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2007

Patti Smith @ Coliseu

palavras de patti smith no concerto
I haven't fucked much wih the past
but I fuck plenty with the future
and the future is now
we are the future
you have the future in your hands

we are the future
we can't stand none beholding material things
beeing slaves to credit cards and corporations
we don't need their shit!
what we need is our imagination
what we need are dreams
what we need is heart drive
what we need is clean air
what we need is each other
what we need IS LOVE!

and we don't want their fuking wars
no more wars
we must unite
outside society
this (guitar) is the only weapon we need
and once for all, music, is our fucking (???*)

*transcrito de uma gravação audio muito, muito fraquinha

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