segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2007

tu não és a pessoa ideal para falar de ti mesmo…

De Pink Floyd, a minha escolha é, na maior parte das vezes, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” e “Ummaguma”. Estão também no top da minha escolha na área do Psicadelismo.
Se o primeiro tem alguma consensualidade quanto à sua importância e teve agora uma edição ultra completa comemorativa dos seus quarenta anos de existência, o segundo parace ter sido amaldiçoado pela crítica e pelos próprios músicos.

A mim não me parece, mas vejam lá o que os próprios dizem da sua obra. Não acreditem, não concordem. Ummaguma (calão Inglês para 'fornicar') é bom!

"This was absolutely not a band album. The live stuff sounds incredibly antiquated now, although the fact of Pink Floyd playing at Mothers in Birmingham was considered a bit of an event at the time. We were looking for new ways of constructing an album, although I think what this demonstrates is that our sum is always better than the parts. EMI was very hidebound in those days. It was still run by guys in white coats. I was prevented from editing my own tapes by a studio manager who told me I wasn't a union member." - Nick mason

"I'd never written anything before. I just went into the studio and started waffling about, tacking bits and pieces together. I rang up Roger at one point to ask him to write me some lyrics. He just said, No." - David Gilmour

"We all believed it was going to be one of the best things we'd ever put onto record, which I think it was at that time, but the stuff on the album isn't half as good as we can play." - Richard Wright

"I learned a lot about what constitutes good music, or rather music that people really want to heart" - Richard Wright, about Part IV Instrumental

"For me, it was just an experiment. I think it was badly recorded, the studio side could have been done better. We're thinking of doing it again." - David Gilmour

Mais citações
"What was your inspiration for The Narrow Way (on Ummagumma) your first major Floyd composition?"
"Well, we'd decided to make the damn album, and each of us to do a piece of music on our own... it was just desperation really, trying to think of something to do, to write by myself. I'd never written anything before, I just went into a studio and started waffling about, tacking bits and pieces together. I haven't heard it in years. I've no idea what it's like." - David Gilmour

"What do you think of your early records like Atom Heart Mother and Ummagumma today?"
"I think both are pretty horrible. Well, the live disc of Ummagumma might be all right, but even that isn't recorded well." - David Gilmour

"When you listen to Ummagumma, you get the feeling that each one of you is doing his own music, not caring much about the others."
"That's right. I can't be precise, but we were very individualistic at the time." - Nick Mason

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